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53 Years of experience

Our company

The company was establish in the year 1970 as a society, in a store located in Barrio Belén, after 5 years the company was relocated to Barrio Triste. In 1998 the company was again relocated to the actual location: Street 37B # 42 – 354 Av. Pilsen, Itagui, Antioquia.


Plasticos Medellin S.A.S. Company of the industrial sector specialized in plastic products design, produce and commercialize by thermoforming process plastic products, directed to the banana and clothing industry and medical and odonatological equipment , covering the national, center American, African and Spanish market. We guaranteed quality, responsibility, and trust, with high innovation and solutions for specific needs.


Supported in our principles, values, and recognition in high levels of quality, responsibility and trust. We expect a growth for 2025 in the market for the international banana industry obtaining 80% of our income from this source


In Plasticos Medellín S.A.S. we compromise to satisfy the requirements of our clients, guaranteed products exclusivity, offering an excellent quality and completion in the delivery of our products, for that we count proper procedures, competent staff, appropriate technology and strategies for the utilization of raw materials.

Principles and Values

  • Trust

  • Responsibility

  • Respect

  • Quality

  • Completion